Watch POV: APAC Championship Course Preview

Get a taste of what’s to come with a POV ride and run through the rugged and rocky terrain that awaits the APAC Champs athletes as they exit the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

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Rocks, Roots, and Flow - A Race-Defining Bike Course

What starts as a flat road ride out of Kenting quickly turns into a rough and rowdy 29K battle against gravity as vertical climbs and rocky terrain team up to make this one of the most challenging bike courses on the circuit. But what goes up must come down, and those who have the courage to stay off the brakes will make quick work of the long, flowing downhill sections back into the dry river beds below to start the next ascent. A single loop with multiple changes in terrain, this section is where champions will rise.


A Run to the Top and Rocky Sprint to the Finish

In a sport where endurance is everything, the foot race to the finish will push athletes to the absolute limit in the last 9K of the race. The trail starts out flat as it makes its way out of the EXPO village, but quickly enters into a long slow climb through winding forest trails before getting increasingly technical as the rocks and roots start to make an appearance. But with the climb conquered, the rocks and roots give way to fast flowing trails that will allow the sprinters to open the tanks in the final stretch of the race.

Note, the vid above does not include the first and last sections of the race.


Watch It Live and Direct From Kenting, Taiwan

This course is every inch as epic as it looks, and for those not in the race there is still the chance to watch the strongest and fastest in the world take it on in the XTERRA World Cup and the Asia-Pacific Championship on the morning of April 15. 

For those not in Kenting, live coverage begins at 05:50 local time (GMT +8) with free streaming on But for those in in the area, get to Little Bay Beach at 05:30 to take in a the start of one of the biggest races of the season, then jump in one of the many shuttle buses that will get you to the watch party in the EXPO village as we witness the action unfold live on big screen and wait for champions to be crowned as they come in from the mountains and over the final line of the 2023 Asia-Pacific Championship.













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