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The XTERRA Certified Coaching network connects those looking to conquer the roughest and most rugged off-road events on the planet with those who know how. Dedicated, passionate, and professional, our certified coaches are trained to inspire and prepare athletes of all levels to compete in the XTERRA off-roads race series.
Meticulously trained and handpicked to represent the values, passion, and standards of excellence that drive our community, XTERRA is proud to work with some of the best coaches in the industry.
Learn more about each coach by clicking through the profiles below. Follow individual coaches on their social media channels for news and updates on training camps, or reach out directly via email for more information on individual training.
For coaches interested in joining the program, please visit the how to become an XTERRA coach page.
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Emanuele Iannarilli
Emilia Romagna, Bologna, Italy
Yves Le Moigne
Gardanne, France
Sara Tavecchio
Brescia, Italy
Marco Kalwak
Landkreis Meissen - Sachsen, Germany
George Chanoumis
Athens, Greece
Jim Thijs
Villacidro, Italy
Alexandra Borrelly
Digne-les-bains, France
Moreno Dilabio
Chieti, Italy
Marc Pschebizin
Mertesdorf, Germany
Helena Karaskova
Praha, Czechia
Doug Hall
Christchurch, United Kingdom
Stefano Davite
Alessandria, Piedmont, Italy
Lara Buttigieg
Zurrieq, Malta
Nico Lebrun
Digne les bains, France
Karel Zadák
Brno, Czechia
Josiah Middaugh
Vail, CO, United States
Yaro Middaugh
St. Augustine, FL, United States
Calvin Zaryski
Calgary, Canada
Antonio Ferreira Da Silva Neto
Austin, TX, United States
Mimi G Stockton
Stevensville, MI, United States
Suzie Snyder
Boulder, CO, United States
Karsten Madsen
Whistler, BC, Canada
Kurt Dallow
Greeley, CO, United States
Lesley Paterson
San Diego, CA, United States
Jennifer Smith
Gunnison, CO, United States
Melanie McQuaid
Victoria, Canada
Ben Stein
Boise, ID, United States
Dr. Simon Marshall
San Diego, CA, United States
Kate Bramley
Victoria, Australia
Jing-Yan Tang
Kunming, China
Zhou Fang (Tony)
Beijing, China
Yen-Ching Chiang
Taipei, Taiwan
Jiachao Wang
Kunming, China
Connie Silvestry
QLD, Australia
Chung-Yi Lin (Svenson)
Hengchun , Taiwan
Benjamin Eitelberg
Auckland, New Zealand
Yuang-Ken Hsu
Taipei, Taiwan
Hao-Cheng Wang (Mike)
Taipei, Taiwan
Hong-Jian Wang (Migao)
Shanghai, China
Hsiu-Shen Kuo (Willy)
Kaohsiung, Taiwan


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